Visit to the Monumental Complex of the Royal Palace. On the first floor, the astonishing Palatine Chapel and its byzantine mosaics; on the second floor, the elegant halls residence of the Kings and Queens of Sicily.

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Short tour  inside the Monumental Complex of the Royal Palace and Palatine Chapel, recentely classified  by Unesco  World Heritage Site, unique in some respect as the symbol of the extraordinary dialogue between different civilisations and religions  in  XII century Sicily.

Focus of this tour will be the Royal Palace, also called Palace of the Normans, one of the most ancient royal palaces  in Europe. The Monumental Complex, which  offers an insight into  25 centuries of  history, stands on the highest and most strategic area of the town.

It was changed by the Normans  into a sumptuous residence and houses  the precious Palatine Chapel, commissioned by Roger II of Sicily and dedicated to S. Peter.

The Chapel was  described by Guy De Maupassant as “The finest religious monument ever dreamt by human mind”. Thanks to its shining mosaics, it is  looked upon as one of the finest art jewels ever produced by this perfect cultural syncretism, which marked the eclectic Norman Age.

Still nowadays  the Royal Palace houses the Assemblea Regionale Siciliana –  the Sicilian Parliament, which was granted a special Statute of Autonomy in 1947 and whose members sit in Hercules Hall.   
Dating back to XII century, the Sicilian Parliament  is also considered one of the most ancient in Europe.



  • Visit to the Royal Apartments, housed on the second floor of the Palace: worth to be mentioned the renowned “Hall of Roger”, covered with golden mosaics depicting hunting scenes, animals and  stylised plants.
  • Visit to the Palatine Chapel, commissioned by the Norman King Roger II and  symbol of three coexistent cultures in XII century Sicily: Latin, Byzantine and Islamic.
  • Visit to the Temporary exhibition about the Norman Kingdom of Sicily: Castrum Superius



  • Meeting point:  tourist entrance  to Royal Palace, in Piazza del Parlamento  ( we’ll wait for you, showing a welcome board: PalermoTourSharing)
  • Meeting Time: 3 p.m.
  • Sites: Royal Apartments  + Palatine Chapel + Temporary exhibition: Castrum Superius
  • Entrance Fees: € 12 Royal Palace + Palatine Chapel+ Exibition. (Entrance fees are not included)
  • Number of participants:  max 12 people
  • Language: English
  • Duration: about 1 h 30 min

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